About The Emporium

The Fiend's Emporium is an online clothing, accessories, and home goods store.  It is run exclusively by me, Eric Michels.  I design all of the products that I sell and try to keep the prices as low as I can while still keeping the store sustainable.

The store is run through print-on-demand and drop-shipping to reduce waste and reduce stress on me.  Products are made to order.  There is no warehouse.  There are no products made in bulk.  Because of this, products might be a little more expensive than what you might expect elsewhere from a large company.

If you have any ideas for a design that you would like to see in my shop, feel free to reach out to me through email or my contact form.  You can reach me at thefiendsemporium@gmail.com, or if you know me and have me on snapchat or my phone number, don't hesitate to text me.  I don't just want to make my absurd ideas see the light of day, I want your absurd ideas to see the light of day too.

I hope that my unique and funny designs will convince you to support an independent artist.  Thank you, much love ~Eric. :)